Arlington MCA: Beauty in the Waiting

Beauty in the Waiting Beauty in the Waiting Beauty in the Waiting

One of our patients was so inspired by a previous patient that had painted a ceiling tile in the chemo room at our Arlington MCA Clinic, that she took it upon herself to find volunteers to paint the entire ceiling!  Teri Y Holsberg said,” While I was in the chemo room yesterday I commented that it needed more than the one painted tile to look at during treatment. The nurse stated they would love more and that maintenance could install them…I am certain I have the ability to make that happen.  I would like to brighten the space for the patients undergoing treatment. I already have volunteers willing to paint!”

She was so right.  Teri was able to have the entire ceiling painted by volunteers from AT&T Pioneers as a community project.  AT&T Pioneers covered all the costs and Teri chaired the project.  There were about 60 tiles to be painted.

Beauty in the Waiting Beauty in the Waiting Beauty in the Waiting

“I wasn’t expecting the response back from the Pioneers until mid-month, but they liked the idea so much that they conducted a special vote for approval!”

Debra Vernon, RN at The Center says, “The tiles are beautiful.  Cancer may impact the lives of our patients in a negative way but it cannot steal the beauty that is transferred from someone’s soul to such an unlikely media.  Sitting in those chemo chairs and looking up at the ceiling brightens your day.  You just can’t help but have it bring a smile to your face.”

Beauty in the Waiting Beauty in the Waiting

Thank you Teri for your help in making this happen!

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