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There are numerous resources to help you or your loved one with the fight. Our “Navigating Care” library provides helpful links that will help to put you in the driver’s seat. Here, you’ll find articles on cancer, chemotherapy regimens and drugs from the National Cancer Institute and other experts.

With the additional help of Patient Navigators and social workers, you’ll find support programs and support groups to be helpful, informative, and comforting throughout your journey. “Navigating Care” is a full community of cancer survivors, caregivers, professionals and friends & family who support one another, share their experiences, and discuss relevant topics and contribute helpful resources. By clicking on this extremely useful link, you’ll undoubtedly find like-minded individuals who have either been there or are sharing similar experiences: Navigating Care – Groups

Cancer and Blood Disorder Articles

Helpful Cancer and Blood Disorder Links

At The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, our focus is on healing lives through outstanding medical care provided with compassion and concern. With this goal in mind, we have organized physical, emotional and spiritual cancer support programs and classes to help you cope with the feelings, hopes, and fears that often come with cancer treatment. We would love to introduce you to a Patient Navigator (an experienced individual who can help guide you to the resources you may not even know you need), and we invite you to take advantage of the following programs.

Nutritional Counseling

A strong well-nourished body supports you during treatment. Schedule an appointment with the dietitian before and during treatment, if you are having weight loss and/or any changes in appetite or bowel function. Presented by Stacy Shappley, RD, from the Moncrief Cancer Institute, the nutrition class class offers nutrition information and tips for those in treatment, as well as those that have completed active treatment. This class includes a complimentary lunch. This event is held monthly at the Fort Worth Central Campus. Please RSVP to Pam Crisp at 817-759-7015. Check our News and Events listing for the latest information on meeting times.

Genetic Counseling

Our center offers in-depth cancer risk assessments with highly trained genetic counselors to help you and your family understand inherited cancer risks.  Inherited risks are risk factors that may be passed from parent to child.  Our genetic counselors also offer information on about cancer screenings, prevention and treatment options, and provide support.

Massage and Reflexology Therapy

Massage and reflexology offers patients an increased quality of life and enhances the body’s ability to heal. Studies suggest that it can decrease stress, anxiety, and insomnia and help reduce pain. Service provided by The Careity Foundation.

Psychology Services

Counseling sessions are available at all phases of cancer, including adjustment to a cancer diagnosis, living with cancer, surviving and ongoing care, as well as exploring and learning how to deal with anxiety, fear, and often overwhelming feelings. Service provided by The Careity Foundation.


Chinese medicine can strengthen the immune system and the digestive system. See the acupuncture therapist during treatment to relieve symptoms such as nausea, to improve treatment of pain, to decrease stress and improve sleep. Service provided by The Careity Foundation.

Social/Financial Services

A social worker is available to help with many of the financial issues that may come with cancer treatment. To learn more, contact us at 817-759-7000.


Spiritual Support

The Center offers a chapel and chaplains are often available to assist with your spiritual care.

Cancer Support Groups

  • Teal Magnolias

This gathering and sharing event for our GYN cancer patients features food, drinks and a social hour for patients and caregiver to connect. This event is held every other month at the Fort Worth Central Campus. Please RSVP at 817-759-7077.

Check our News and Events listing for the latest information on meeting times.

  • Simply The Breast

Join us as we launch our newest support network, Simply the Breast, designed to connect young breast cancer survivors from newly diagnosed to those that are years into survivorship. This event is every month at the Fort Worth Central Campus. For more info, contact Pam Crisp at 817-759-7015.

Check our News and Events listing for the latest information on meeting times.

Carerity Foundation

The Careity Foundation Careity Foundation is dedicated to providing on site services for cancer patients in an oncology setting for economically challenged cancer patients, as well as early cancer detection in North Texas. The pediatric palliative care program is directed at providing relief to children with devastating diseases and life threatening illnesses at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. Since its inception, Careity Foundation has set the platinum standard in the nonprofit community to help with care management and financial aid. Careity Foundation was first in the nation to offer oncology massage in the chemotherapy room, in order to relieve the side effects of drug therapy in cancer patients. Established events like “Celebrity Cutting” and “Careity Rocks” continue to sustain innovative cancer treatment and programs, along with numerous supporting events. Careity Foundation is an active participant in the care and treatment process for cancer. Strong oversight of funded programs and support assures that the vision and strategies outlined in the collaborative process are effectively realized. The Careity founders meet several times a year with its collaborators and physicians, and receive regular reports from the professional staff to ensure appropriate levels and propriety of care. Careity Foundation serves communities in Tarrant County, Parker County and Johnson County, including Fort Worth, Texas, and Weatherford, Texas.

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