Dr. Ganesa meets the boy whose life she helped save by donating bone marrow

Three years ago Dr. Ganesa donated bone marrow to a 6-year-old boy. Recently, she was able to meet the boy she helped save and his family.

The story was featured on the front page of the Dallas Morning News and on WFAA in the segment above.

Excerpt from the Dallas Morning News article:

“As a physician, she said, the decision to donate her bone marrow was easy because it meant saving a life.
‘I work on the side of trying to save my patients every day,” she said. “We face situations daily where there is nothing else to do, and we often wish there was something else to do to save the patient that’s sitting in front of me.'”

We are thankful to have Dr. Ganesa as one of our physicians at The Center! She brings an amazing level of care to her patients.

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