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Integrative Cancer Therapies Near Me


Integrative cancer therapies are becoming more and more common, as they help patients deal with any physical and psychological side effects of treatments like chemotherapy. If you live in Texas and looking for integrative cancer therapies near me, CenterTX offers comprehensive cancer treatment. We believe in individualizing treatment for each patient.

What is integrative cancer therapy?

Integrative cancer therapy uses a combination of cancer medication and complementary therapies to help patients manage the physical or mental side effects of cancer treatment. Hence, it tackles cancer treatment holistically, taking into account the psychological toll it has on patients.

Complementary therapies can include anything from aromatherapy to dietary supplements, whatever it takes for patients to have a healthy mind and body. The way every individual responds to cancer treatment is different, so there is a vast array of complementary therapies out there, to suit various preferences and needs.

Whichever therapy you choose, you will need to consult with your doctor to see if it will be useful, and you can use it alongside traditional cancer treatments safely. Increasing numbers of insurance companies are covering complementary therapy as part of cancer treatment. But, you will need a referral from a doctor and sound medical evidence that your treatment can alleviate the symptoms you’re suffering from.

Types of complementary therapy

Complementary therapy can include anything that improves the physical aspects of a patient’s health status, such as nutrition, pain relief, and fitness or the psychological aspects of their health. Some therapies that are reported to improve mental health include aromatherapy, massages, hypnosis, acupuncture, reflexology, meditation, and yoga.

During cancer treatments, it is vital that patients receive adequate nutrition. If patients can’t get this from food, then they can get it from dietary supplements. But, they should be consulted with a doctor to ensure that they don’t interfere with cancer medications or cause side effects themselves.

If you need to consult a doctor about integrative cancer therapies near me, our qualified cancer specialists will be happy to guide you about the options we offer.

Are alternative therapies a part of integrative cancer therapy?

Unlike complementary therapies that are meant to work with traditional cancer medication and treatments, alternative cancer therapies claim to replace them, so they are not a part of integrative medicine. Generally, there’s not much sound medical evidence on how effective they are; most evidence appears to be anecdotal.

People want to try alternative therapies because many of them claim to be ‘safer’ and ‘natural.’ But, safe and natural don’t translate to effective. Alternative cancer therapies are quite risky because there are minimal clinical studies done to show their effectiveness. And if they turn out to be ineffective, you not only would’ve wasted money but also the time that may have caused your cancer to spread.

Are you looking for integrative cancer therapies near me, that incorporates treatments for side effects caused by standard cancer treatment? Contact CenterTX to find out the options we have. We respect that every one of our patients will respond to cancer treatments differently, and we strive to individualize treatments wherever possible.

Integrative Cancer Therapies Near Me

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