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Luxury Alcohol Rehab Centers

Article provided by: The Holistic Sanctuary

Want to regain control and overcome the feeling of powerlessness alcohol addiction exudes? Imagine the air of hopelessness after so-called luxury alcohol rehab centers fail to heal these wounds. Misfortunes like this inspire The Holistic Sanctuary to create the life-transforming programs it offers. Try us today and eradicate alcohol addiction!

Getting real help for alcohol addiction

Our no-group therapy model for alcohol addiction works effectively. Call us proactive, but we do not administer treatment to have our clients back here in rehab weeks or months later. We are pressing the reset button on life, a process we liken to re-incarnation. The unique trauma that each person experiences is specific to him or her. With assessments, we can trace these traumas back to the source and prescribe a robust treatment plan.

We offer several therapies:

  • Scared medicine
  • Stem cell activation (IV drips/HBOT)
  • Parasite cleanse
  • Liver detox
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Motivational counseling
  • Plant medicine
  • Chakra re-balancing
  • Mitochondrial repair
  • Guided meditation
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Colonics
  • Pure oxygen therapy (HBOT)
  • Heavy metal cleanse

Where to find effective alcohol addiction inpatient treatment

Adjacent to Los Angeles, California, our Beverly Hills luxury addiction rehab breathes fresh ocean air. A five-star rated inpatient retreat, we are proudly the only licensed holistic rehab offering technical plant-infused Pouyan therapies. Treatments can last from four weeks to a month, depending on the adjustment protocol.

What we offer in our therapies is not the archetypal counseling and medication interventions practiced by generic rehabs. At our luxury alcohol rehab centers, we equip our clients with powerful life rebuilding tools to stay addiction-free. Plus, the hospitality our resort accommodations provide establishes a stable foundation to develop organizational skills.

Renouncing alcohol addiction completely

Even with several rehabs in the country forecasting atrocious relapse rates, our results remain consistent. We wouldn’t be here today, helping those who need it most if we ran with the crowd. So, out the gate, we start treatment with our signature Pouyan protocol, where we infuse a variety of natural elements. These specifically stimulate a systemic detoxification response that repairs all body cells.

The process eliminates toxins, drugs, harmful substances, and chemicals that promote negative behavior. What we also ensure is that our guests have a comfortable space while in therapy. We use a combination of systems:

  • Alternative medicine
  • Evidence-based strategies
  • Ancient plants
  • Holistic therapies

How to build alcohol addiction resistance naturally

Alcohol dependency is a proponent of addiction. To succeed in therapy, we must address the disease on all levels. With the potent herbal concoctions we use, we can erase all traces of traumatic stress that enable addiction.

Since neurochemistry imbalances contribute to addiction problems, our treatments work to stabilize these conflicts as well. Similarly, we use an intravenous drip formula to decalcify voluminous pineal gland buildup and reverse engineer the GABA receptors. 

Medication-centric luxury alcohol rehab centers cannot promise our guarantees. We do not encourage step-up programs, junk food, unhealthy habits, psychobabble, and group meetings. Try The Holistic Sanctuary and discover the whole new person buried under the wreckage of addiction today! Call (310) 601 – 7805 to reserve a retreat.

luxury alcohol rehab centers

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Centers

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