The Power of Foods

The Power of Foods

The Power of Foods to Prevent or Help in the Fight Against Cancer
by Dr. Oseni

Have you heard this before, “nature has its way of repairing the body.”  What we usually refer to as “disease” is actually our nature’s positive effect on our body, causing it to undertake a series of biochemical and physiological actions to restore balance due to an occurrence in the body which then results in destabilization of the internal and external environment.  This can be referred to as “restoration.”

The human body is made up of approximately 100 trillion cells.  Any condition where the body is in a “foreign environment” or “out of balance”, such as high blood sugar, exposure to toxic chemicals or diminished capabilities of “waste disposal” causes a cascade of actions to occur within these cells to restore balance. In real life, these results to blood pressure that rises to maintain flow in the arteries that developed an inflammatory response to diet-related toxins in the blood, cells become insulin resistant to protect themselves from the negative effects of excess sugar. These are some of the corrective measures to bring the body back to equilibrium.

I often ask myself, what would be the outcome if we humans would naturally eat abundantly a variety of plants and fruits, nuts and seeds, as our “cousins” in the tropics. I believe it is safe to admit that we humans would enjoy vitality into old age without the requirement of corrective process “disease.”

Which plants would then be most favorable to consume when dealing with cancer? All plants and fruits in their abundance and variety should be consumed in the form that nature has produced them to us. When consumed in their most natural, unadulterated state miracles happen!

Broccoli, cauliflower and the wide variety of cruciferous plants are highly beneficial in cancer and several autoimmune and degenerative disorders.  We cannot ignore sulfur containing vegetables, such as found in the garlic and onion families.

More to come.

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