Cancer doctors Abilene

If you or someone you love needs a cancer doctor in Abilene, you will do well to consider the Center TX. Our cancer doctors in Abilene are highly experienced and understand that having cancer is scary for everyone involved. Surely, you'd rather be just about anywhere else and doing anything else than getting cancer treatment. But when cancer patients walk in the door of the Center TX, they know that they are experiencing something different. Our specialized cancer doctors are here individually and collaboratively to give you the best chance to beat your cancer.

What Kind of Cancer Doctors Can I Find at the Center TX?

At the Center TX, we understand, from both a patient's perspective and a patient's family's perspective, exactly what they are going through. There are some cancer centers where the focus is mainly research. Then, there are other cancer centers where the doctors' attention is focused on the individual. At the Center TX, we can combine these two important aspects of cancer treatment.

One of the greatest things that we can offer someone who has a new diagnosis for cancer is options. Our cancer doctors of Abilene can offer chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biological therapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. One thing that distinguishes the Center TX from other cancer centers is our sheer numbers of clinical trials. We are getting the newest, hottest drugs for the treatment of cancer, some of them which our own innovative cancer doctors have helped to develop.

Now, we have treatments to target different genetic abnormalities in a given patient's cancer. Our doctors have new ways to treat cancer. That's the bottom line! This means that the life expectancy for cancer patients is much, much longer than previously.

What Makes Our Cancer Doctors the Best in Abilene?

One of the ways our cancer doctors put their patients first is through building cancer programs. For example, our lung cancer program is its own distinct entity. That means surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation therapists, nurses, social workers, etc., are working together to make the program achieve its own set of goals.

When a person is first diagnosed with cancer, there are a lot of serious decisions that need to be made. If you're having to seek out your own specialty care to address specific questions that you may have, it can be overwhelming and very difficult to get everything done in a timely manner. Whereas, our cancer doctors tend to plan ahead to see patients together as a group right at the time of the initial diagnosis.

When we see a new patient and their families, our cancer doctors can look at the size and stage of the tumor, and then we can work together as a team to decide which approach is best. It also helps patients to understand what they can expect as they go through their treatment and begin to plan how the diagnosis is going to affect their lives for the next six months or for the rest of their lives.

Cancer doctors Abilene
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Cancer doctors Abilene
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Cancer doctors Abilene Cancer doctors Abilene