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The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders promotes advanced screening and treatment for all stages of cancer, allowing you the opportunity to overcome the disease. Our colon cancer doctor in Fort Worth is here to make the difference between life and death; an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

The truth about colon cancer

Colon cancer can frighten people with its name alone, but the reality isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Although cancer, as a disease, is lethal in nature, there are ways to avoid it going terminal. Studies show that colon cancer ranks among the most curable forms of cancers when the patient receives adequate treatment in the early stages of the disease.

Unfortunately, it will become the second deadliest, after lung cancer, when left untreated, allowing it to advance to the fourth stage. It goes to show that the effectiveness of the treatment depends on taking measures as soon as possible. Early screening can save your life by identifying the disease in its incipient forms before it goes malign.

Can you survive colon cancer?

Yes, you can. The survival rate depends on a multitude of factors, primarily the stage of the disease. All types of cancers go through four distinct phases, with stage I being the benign one, while stage IV is terminal, marking metastatic cancer. A cancer that has metastasized only allows a 10% survival rate or lower, which is why it’s ideal for identifying and treating the disease before that.

Our colon cancer doctor in Fort Worth will walk you through a comprehensive screening, looking to identify any signs of polyps, that may show a cancerous potential. Stage I colon cancer shows a survival rate between 80% and 95%, showing why early screening can save lives. After that first stage, your chances of survival will consequently drop.

Winning the battle with cancer

Nobody chooses to battle with cancer. It is a war that chooses you. All you can do is reacting to it, adopting the right mindset, and act before it is too late. We can help you win your war against this devastating disease, so long as you come in for a screening today.

In many cases, cancer will only show consistent symptoms when already in more advanced stages. In other cases, victims confuse the signs of cancer with other, more benign diseases. Rely on our experts for early detection, prevention, and treatment, and your chances of survival will increase substantially!

How curable is colon cancer?

Surprisingly enough, colon cancer is among the most treatable. Approximately 50% of the patients who undergo surgery successfully eliminate the disease. Cancer, however, is a chronic disease, which means that the cure is the same with remission. You cannot cure cancer but only forced it into remission, which is why you need to undergo regular screenings, even after successful surgery.

At Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, the best colon cancer doctor in Fort Worth will help you fight the disease on your own terms. Come in for a screening today, and take our help on defeating the disease!

Colon Cancer Doctor Fort Worth
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Colon Cancer Doctor Fort Worth
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Colon Cancer Doctor Fort Worth