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Prostate cancer kills tens of thousands of men every year, usually due to late diagnostics. Our prostate cancer doctor in Fort Worth invites you to The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders for thorough screening and assessment.

Preventing the risk of prostate cancer

Since the exact causes for prostate cancer are currently unknown, the best prevention method remains coming for routine screenings regularly. What makes cancer particularly dangerous is the fact that it often flies under the radar. In many cases, there are no symptoms, or the symptoms are weak and deceptive. In others, people tend to associate them with other conditions or resort to self-treatments, attempting to deal with the issue themselves.

When they finally decide to act, the situation has already gone too far. The success of the treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Once it reaches metastasis, recovery becomes nearly impossible. For your wellbeing, we advise you to come in for a screening, especially if you’re showing worrying symptoms.

The cure for prostate cancer

Since cancer is a chronic disease, there is no cure for it, in the classic sense of the word. Following proper treatment, the cancer will go into remission, where it may lay dormant for years. Many people manage to live fulfilling lives, after defeating cancer for good. It all comes down to prevention and early treatment.

When addressed in the initial stages of development, cancer has an 80% to 95% chance of remission. Survival is possible and even likely, so long as you contact our prostate cancer doctor in Fort Worth.

How to deal with prostate cancer?

If you’ve received a positive diagnosis, your only chance at beating the disease comes with joining our advanced cancer treatment. The treatment that we’re offering matches the complexity of the disease itself. Aside from clinical and pharmacological procedures, including chemotherapy and radiation, we also provide palliative care and ancillary support whenever necessary.

We recognize the devastating physiological effect of the disease, which is why we have created an exhaustive treatment program that leaves nothing to chance. We address both the disorder and its impact on the patient’s mind and spirit, as we offer:

  • Nutritional and Genetic Counseling
  • Massage Therapy
  • Advanced Psychotherapies
  • Support Groups
  • Educational Programs
  • Spiritual Support and Recovery
  • Family Assistance and Counseling, etc.

Get help for prostate cancer!

The regular cancer screening remains the most effective preventive measure against prostate cancer, as well as all cancers. Identifying the disease in its early stages will significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment, ensuring the recovery and minimizing the risk of complications. If you’re showing symptoms associated with prostate cancer, contact our prostate cancer doctor in Fort Worth immediately!

At our center, we offer advanced diagnosis procedures, complex, high-end treatment, and extensive emotional and spiritual support for you and your family. We know how scary the entire situation is, but we can help you. The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders offers you a second chance to a normal, fulfilling life.

Prostate Cancer Doctor Fort Worth
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Prostate Cancer Doctor Fort Worth
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Prostate Cancer Doctor Fort Worth