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Chemotherapy is a cancer-fighting methodology that uses either stand-alone drugs or a combination of drugs to relieve pain symptoms, control the growth of cancer cells and, ideally, eliminate cancer cells. Chemotherapy may be used alone or in conjunction with surgery and/or radiation therapy to rid the body of cancer cells.

The power of today’s chemotherapy creates tremendous healing possibilities for cancer patients. In addition, there are now drugs that work very effectively to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. With the wide variety of new medications available, these symptoms are often minimal and sometimes nonexistent.

Chemotherapy has been an answer for those diagnosed with cancer since the early 1940’s. With advances occurring almost daily, there are now hundreds of drugs available to treat cancer in many different ways.

Physicians who prescribe chemotherapy are called medical oncologists. The educational background for this specialty includes a degree from medical school, plus three years of internship and residency training. Many of the physicians at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders also completed an additional three years of specialized fellowship training.

In addition to chemotherapy and other medical treatments, our physicians believe strongly in the effectiveness of emotional and spiritual support. We offer many different resources and support services to help our patients and their families during their journey with cancer.

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