What is the best drinking water

What is the best drinking water

What is the best drinking water for me? What is the best pH for my water? High ph or low ph water?
By Dr. Oseni

I often get asked these questions, which brand of water is better or what is the best ph for my water 9.5 or 10 or 8? We all know that Water is the medium of life. The best drinking water or “healthiest water” in the world doesn’t need anything else added to it or altered.

What allows life to happen and function is just simply water. H2O is the purest water for drinking found in our planet. When we simply start to worry about altering the state of water which already exists in a perfect state we potentially want to revise the nature of water.

Our main focus should rather be the intensely toxic environment we humans live in. Our main concern should be all the contaminants, toxins, “endocrine disruptors” all found as traces in our water. Unfortunately, majority of the alterations made to drinking water has not made a major contribution to improving the health of the society or reduce the burden of disease.

The two most important processes that we need to focus on are water filtration or reverse osmosis. These two processes helps in elimination of toxins in our water system. I often advise my patients not to consume tap water due to the presence of “none water things that are potentially harmful to you” added to it.

Rather than spending so much money and time to buy alkaline water or trying to alkalize our water, our main goal should be obtaining reverse osmosis or distilled water for drinking. Do you know that our bodies actually alkalizes our water for us naturally? All we need is pure water.

Spring water “real spring water” will be considered the best but it is expensive and not readily available. Your best choice with great options will be investing in reverse osmosis and distilled water.

Did you know that the human body is unable to make use of minerals by itself. Rocks are excellent source of minerals but we are not able to bite into them, yikes! Several minerals must be carried by healthy proteins to be able to get into our cells.

Eating rocks to get minerals is not an option. Do you know that plants (sung heroes) have the ability to absorb nutrients and minerals from rocks (one of the reasons why you want to eat your servings of vegetables daily).

Plants have their way of perfecting water with all this great minerals that our human bodies need. How do we obtain these from plants? We can simply drink green juice from plants, these I will humbly say is the absolute perfect water available to humans. It contains all of the nutrients our body requires with nothing synthetic or altered.

Our society is comprised with over complicated beliefs, which in turn can end up as a huge disadvantage when it comes to our health. Drink fresh green juice (preferably homemade if possible), drink your reverse osmosis or distilled water, and your body will certainly thank you for it and reward you with vitality!

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