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Cancer Care

The many ways we fight cancer together is what sets us apart.  There are many types of cancers.  Each cancer is different.  Every person is different. Understanding this, we take an individualized approach to treating each patient.

Our dedicated team of doctors, clinicians and support staff take time to understand each unique diagnosis and each individual’s needs. Then, we all work together to develop an integrated cancer treatment plan tailored specifically to that patient. There is no one way to beat cancer, there are many.

Treatment & Services

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is a cancer-fighting methodology that uses either stand-alone drugs or a combination of drugs to relieve pain symptoms, control the growth of cancer cells and, ideally, eliminate cancer cells. Chemotherapy

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  • Diagnostic Imaging

    Diagnostic imaging is a form of medical imaging that allows your team of medical professionals to peer inside the body without having to actually open the body. Many suspected anomalies can be diagnosed in minimally inv

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  • Radiation

    Radiation is a form of therapy that uses a highly targeted, high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and destroy cancer cells. It is one of the most common cancer treatments. Radiation may be used alone or in conjunction

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  • Clinical Trials

    For a practice to provide clinical trials for our patients reflects the highest level of sophistication in clinical care and comprehensive patient management. All of our doctors and staff go through additional training

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  • Pharmacy

    The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders offers an onsite pharmacy. Our certified pharmacist is here to answer any questions, and provide easy access to the medication you need. The pharmacy is open during business ho

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  • Ancillary

    Ancillary techniques and ancillary tests are those that assist in the diagnosis and/or treatment and are not necessarily a part of the original diagnosis and/or treatment protocol. Ancillary techniques and ancillary tes

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There are numerous resources to help you or your loved one with the fight. Our “Navigating Cancer” library provides helpful links that will help to put you in the driver’s seat. Here, you’ll find articles on cancer, chemotherapy regimens and drugs from the National Cancer Institute and other experts.

With the additional help of Patient Navigators and social workers, you’ll find support programs and support groups to be helpful, informative, and comforting throughout your journey.

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