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Clinical Trials

The physicians and staff at The Center firmly believe that giving our patients the opportunity to access the latest innovative and cutting edge therapies on clinical trials represents the highest level of care that we can offer our patients.Our practice is dedicated to bringing the very best cancer studies in the world to our front door at The Center. For a practice to provide clinical trials for our patients reflects the highest level of sophistication in clinical care and comprehensive patient management. All of our doctors and staff go through additional training to assure that we provide good clinical practice standards as we safely administer experimental drugs and therapies.

Since 1998, under the research leadership of Dr. Ray Page, we have participated in almost 200 critical clinical trials involving over 60 experimental drugs, of which many have achieved FDA approval for standard of care use today. Many of our physicians have become thought leaders on the new drugs being the first to have clinical experience in the use of novel cancer agents. Hundreds of our patients have benefitted from clinical trials.

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