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Several years ago HCA Weatherford established a new Internal Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Ray Page played an integral part in the development of the program and served on the founding Graduate Medical Education Committee, participating in didactic education, directing tumor boards, and supervising the clinical rotations in hematology and oncology. The residency has attracted a number of high-quality medical school graduates.

“Through the exposure of hematology and oncology practice from our Weatherford team of Dr. Riaz, Dr. Young, Dr. Skiba, Dr. Laine, and myself, we now have a number of bright residents that have developed a keen interest in pursuing an oncology fellowship and becoming cancer doctors”, exclaims Dr. Page. “I always aspire to try to put them in a position for success and be able to achieve their dreams”.

Dr. Page has mentored some of these doctors. This last month, Dr. Joseph Kim and Dr. Minh-Treit Nguyen, two residents achieved peer-reviewed scientific publications with Dr. Page. He has them also working on a cancer registry study evaluating the impact of COVID lockdown policies on access to cancer screening worsening cancer stage and outcomes. Dr. Page sponsored Dr. Kim to present his paper at the upcoming Texas Society of Clinical Oncology meeting. “Rarely do residents have the opportunity to present their work at this meeting and I am proud of Dr. Kim”, states Dr. Page. He also endorsed Dr. Kim, where he received a scholarship to attend the Clinical Pathways Congress and Oncology Business Summit in Boston this Fall.

Dr. Page is helping to establish a Senior Oncology Seminar Series at the residency program. He is also working to develop a new ASCO Oncology Interest Group at the MCW residency. All of these things will improve their exposure to get into oncology fellowship programs.

Dr. Joseph Kim, senior resident at HCA Weatherford states, “I have my utmost appreciation for Dr. Page’s invaluable assistance and guidance throughout this process. His support has been instrumental in shaping my professional journey, and I am truly grateful for his expertise and generosity. His unwavering commitment to mentoring and his profound knowledge in the field of oncology has been a source of my inspiration. I am honored to be a beneficiary of his mentorship”.

Dr. Page concludes, “It is exciting to see an exceptional young doctor, like Dr. Joseph Kim, aspiring to become our next generation of oncologists. It is always rewarding for me to be a mentor and share their successes”.


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