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Dr. Ray Page, Director of Research, was in Chicago at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting with over 30,000 oncology professionals around the world presenting their scientific advances. Dr. Page was the co-author of two scientific studies presented at the meeting. First of its kind data was shared on using Artificial Intelligence-based radiographic imaging models to predict immunotherapy responses in advanced lung cancer patients.

The Center was the first cancer center in the world to contribute radiomic data to create predictive algorithms. Dr. Page was strongly involved in consulting and providing clinical context to the design of the models.

“Russell Tarver, Director of Radiology Services played an integral role in curating vital radiomic data for the study. The Center once again takes the lead in research and innovation of cancer care delivery”, states Dr. Page.

Dr. Page also served on the Scientific Planning Committee for the Healthcare Delivery and Policy section of the ASCO meeting, coordinating and managing hundreds of presentations at the meeting. Dr. Page also attended the ASCO State Affiliate Council meeting, where for 12 years he has served as the Representative of the State of Texas, addressing critical and evolving policy and healthcare issues in oncology.