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Dr. Rezaie, our quality of life physician says, “I 100% believe in and promote preventive screenings, such as the mammogram. I even had my own mammogram in August; I did not anticipate the journey, upon which I would embark.
I completely empathize with patients who experience the angst and anxiety surrounding the wait for results, then the wait for the follow-up imaging, then the wait for the biopsy, then the wait for the biopsy results, culminating in the wait for surgery.
The result wasn’t normal; it wasn’t cancer, but it was as close as I could get without it being fulminant cancer (as close as I wanna get!).
With a crack team of breast radiologist, breast surgeon, and medical oncologists (one who is practically a brother to me…you know who you are), I feel like I’m in the best hands to keep this from returning.
AND if I learned anything in 2020, it is to take care of this one body I have. And you should do the same!