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Important Tips for Patients Changing Insurance

Your insurance can change at any time during the year depending on your plan. What you should do if your insurance does change?

  1. Notify our office as soon as you know your insurance will be changing.
  2. Does your new insurance require a referral from your primary care doctor (PCP) to see a specialist?
    Contact your PCP and request a referral prior to your next appointment with us.
  3. Will Your New Insurance Disrupt Your Treatment? Ask for “Continuity of Care.”
    Most insurance plans require prior authorization/approval for treatments and procedures. You will need to contact your new insurance company and ask them to review your case so there is no disruption in your care. There is often a Continuity of Care form accessible on the health plan’s website or through their member portal that you can complete, and you can also ask to speak to a case manager.• Inform them that you have an upcoming appointment for treatment or a surgery/procedure and that it is critical that you receive the scheduled care without delay.
    • It is important that you stress the urgency and provide them with as much information as possible (your diagnosis, current treatment, etc.). Our staff can assist you with any information that you may need.
    • Ask them to provide you with a written letter indicating approval for the care along with an authorization number. You will need to provide this information to our office prior to your scheduled appointment.
    • You can also reach out to your employer for assistance. Your Benefits Manager or HR Manager should be able to help you.

Do you have a new Primary Care Doctor (PCP)?

  1. Notify our office of your new PCP.
  2. Does your new insurance require a referral from your PCP to see a specialist?
  3. Contact your new PCP to obtain a referral prior to your next appointment with us. If you cannot get in to see your new PCP prior to your next appointment with The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, contact your insurance company and follow step 3 above for “Continuity of Care.”