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The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders is in the process of installing UV24 OVERHEAD AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM – 24/7 INFECTION CONTROL systems in the waiting areas and infusion suites in our direct lease clinics. This UV system will continuously disinfect the air in these areas and essentially remove all bacteria and viruses from the air on what is a virtually continual basis. This system will defend patients, staff, and visitors from airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold. As long as patients and guests are wearing their required masks, our waiting areas and infusion suites will be some of the safest locations in the metroplex. We will have signage in the clinics so that patients are aware of the efforts taken to keep them safe.

In addition, we are working on rolling out a broader use of the thermal thermometers in each clinic to make the screening process more efficient. Given our disinfection systems in place and the thermal and face recognition technology of our electronic thermometers, our goal is to have patients check in with that system as they approach the front desk. Again, our waiting areas will be incredibly safe as our UV systems are installed.